St John the Baptist Church, Colsterworth

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St John the Baptist Church, Colsterworth

St John the Baptist Church, Colsterworth 
2 Spring Lane, Colsterworth, Lincolnshire
NG33 5NF

The Church shares strong links with Woolsthorpe Manor, the home of Isaac Newton. Isaac Newton was baptised at Colsterworth Church in 1642, and his mother is buried under the Church Floor. Newton, himself, wanted to be buried at Colsterworth, but Westminster Abbey was chosen as his final resting place. Visitors to Woolsthorpe Manor are also encouraged to visit the Church, as it will give them a much greater understanding of Newton's background.

St. John's also has a strong relationship with Colsterworth Church of England Primary School, and the children make regular visits to the Church for their collective worship, and to study the history of their community. The worship at the Church is primarily Common Worship, and we are currently developing services which are more family orientated. This is in it's early stages, and is part of a greater ongoing project to develop the Church building as a thriving place of worship, a centre for community events, and a historical heritage centre.

Access: Flat access into the church is available from the north side.


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