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21/28 September
South Kesteven District Council... presents the Gravity Fields Festival

Presents the Gravity Fields Festival

Supported by the Arts Council
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12.15pm: Monday 24 September

Newton and the Longitude

Dr Rebekah Higgitt

Curator of History of Science and Technology

Royal Observatory Greenwich


Venue: Angel and Royal Hotel

Tickets: £4.00 talk only

Tickets: £9.00 with a sandwich lunch

Duration: 1 hour plus optional lunch

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About this Event

Why should sailors be grateful to Newton?  His contribution to astronomy is often thought of as abstract knowledge but it had direct relevance to a very practical problem. His theory of the motions of heavenly bodies was of fundamental importance to finding longitude at sea, although he failed to develop the necessary lunar theory. 
Not Accessible for Wheelchair Users
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The Angel and Royal Hotel, Grantham